How does it feel to work in HSBC?

Sushovan Haldar
1 min readMay 6, 2023

Hello peeps,

I am back again after 2 more years to share some interesting facts of working at HSBC.

I am currently working as a Post-Trading Analyst at one of the biggest investment banks in the world — HSBC. I am a part of Global Banking and Markets Team , specifically in Global Debt Markets.

We oversee the post-trading activities of bond market trading and build data analysis solutions out of the trading data.

The work culture is great here considering the type of supportive and knowledgeable people we have on the floor. Work life balance is okayish here.

To be very honest I had no idea what trading activities looks like and didn’t know particularly anything about financial markets and finance in general. After I joined I had to learn a new language and a corresponding database (Q/KDB+) to develop solutions on the trading data. The database is amazingly fast and is suited for storing tick data. KDB+ is the go-to and one of the most loved database among traders and financial world people out there. There is a big demand for KDB+ devs/analysts across various financial firms (Hedge Funds, Investment Banks etc) across the globe with a good pay structure.

All in all my role requires a decent knowledge of Finance , Maths , Stats , Programming and most importantly Data Analysis Skills.



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