Interviewing at Capital One

Sushovan Haldar
2 min readFeb 27, 2021

Hello peeps !

Today I would like to share some of my insights that I got from interviewing at Capital One (Mumbai).

Overview of company -: According to Wikipedia , “Capital One Financial Corporation is an American bank holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts, headquartered in McLean, Virginia with operations primarily in the United States.”

Role applied for -: The role that I applied for was an Analyst one. One needs to solve various problems within Capital One using insights from data and analytics.

Interview Process -:

Round 1 -: Round 1 was based on completion of simple Aptitude , Data Interpretation and logic puzzles after selection of CV. The round had around 21 questions that was required to be completed in 30 minutes. All the participants were made to join a Zoom video call by the HR.

In order to advance to further rounds it was needed to clear the cut-off. But some people were invited to interview on the basis of their CV (past work-ex , projects , etc.) even if their score was a bit less than the cut-off.

Tips to clear round -: Solve CAT/GMAT based questions !

Round 2 -: I was invited for Round 2 which involved a simple case study problem. The case study was regarding opening a simple restaurant business in Mumbai (case study topic changed on NDA issues).

Usage of notebooks / calculators were restricted and you had to show note-taking / calculated values on online notepad / calculator provided by them.

The interviewer will check you on your thinking skills and how you approach solving the particular case from beginning — the parameters you need to consider while opening a restaurant business in Mumbai. Keep on asking clarifying questions and taking notes in order to proceed. Taking notes will help you to connect the dots and solve the case within the stipulated time.

He then gave me a simple calculation based problem on the case and asked me to compute whether the given business will be profitable. It was required to compute the revenue and costs based on the prices of different commodities / services and arrive at the profit. Be sure to calculate all things properly and show the correct results. I made a very silly mistake in calculating the profit and hence was knocked off from further rounds.

Tips to clear case-study round -: Practice ! Practice as much case studies as you can with your peers. Study resources include Day-One , Case Interviews Cracked , IIMA-Casebook and other case-study books. Only reading these books are not enough. You need to practise it loud , keeping your communication skills perfect at the same time. The approach should be to analyze a complex case and make a judgement within 30–40 minutes. If you face further problems then try looking into sample case study solving on Youtube.

Here is one by Cap-One -:

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